How to lodge a complaint

To help the Communications Authority ("CA") and the Office of the Communications Authority ("OFCA") as the executive arm of the CA to effectively conduct a fair and reasonable assessment of whether a complaint may be processed, complainants should lodge the complaints as soon as possible and submit any information which has been or can be obtained by them. They should also take note of the following:

  1. the complainant should be the subject party of the case (e.g. the registered customer, purchaser or promotion target of the service, etc.);
  2. under special circumstances, the subject party may authorise another person to lodge the complaint on his/her behalf if he/she is unable to do so personally. However, the subject party will be required to provide written statement(s) to OFCA or officers of other enforcement agencies, and to act as a prosecution witness in court proceedings, where necessary;
  3. please provide the contact information of the complainant (including the name, correspondence address, telephone number, email address, etc.);
  4. please provide details of the telecommunications/broadcasting licensee under complaint, and the names and contact information of any individuals who may be of assistance to the investigation;
  5. please explain the facts in relation to the complaint in as much detail as possible, including the date, time, place (such as the location of the retail shop), person(s) involved (such as the name of the salesperson), and a chronological description of the conduct of the telecommunications/broadcasting licensee or their staff which the complainant considers is in contravention of the “fair trading sections” of the TDO;
  6. please submit the complaint form together with copies of all the relevant documents and information; and
  7. please keep the originals of the relevant documents and information properly. The complainant may be requested to provide OFCA with the originals for verification and/or for submission to the court, as and when necessary.

Complainants may fill in (1) the Online Complaint Form , or (2) the specified complaint form and send it by one of the following means:


Alternatively, the complaint form is obtainable through our fax-on-demand service, please call 2961 6333 and press '9' for "Information by Fax".

In case you have difficulty in writing, you may contact us by calling 2961 6333 (from 8:30 am to 5:45 pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays). Our officers can help fill in the complaint form for you. To ensure accuracy, the completed form will be sent by post or by fax to you for your confirmation and signature.

For enquiries, please call 2961 6333. After selecting your preferred language, please press '7' for the TDO.

How the CA handles a complaint


The description of the "fair trading sections" of the TDO on this webpage / in this article is for general reference only. You should refer to the relevant provisions of the TDO for a complete and definitive statement of the law.

Disclosure of Identity and Personal Data

All documents or information (including any personal data) supplied by the complainant will only be used for the purposes which are directly related to the complaint concerned. They may be transferred to parties who will be involved in the processing or the investigation of the complaint, including the telecommunications/broadcasting licensee under complaint, relevant government departments and statutory bodies as well as other agencies which are authorised to receive the information for the purposes of law enforcement and prosecution. The complainant and the subject party (if not the complainant) should state clearly whether they permit the CA to disclose their personal data/documents/information to any party relevant to the complaint. If the complainant or the subject party does not permit the CA to disclose the information related to the complaint and if such non-disclosure would cause difficulty in the CA's processing of the case or investigation, the CA will advise the complainant whether it can proceed with the handling of the complaint.

The Privacy Policy of the CA is set out at: