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14 May 2021 CoP-1/2021 Code of Practice Relating to the Use of Numbers and Codes in the Hong Kong Numbering Plan
14 Jun 2019 CoP-2/2019 Code of Practice on the Operation and Management of Internet of Things Devices
26 Feb 2019 CoP-1/2019 Code of Practice in relation to Calling Line Identification and Other Calling Line Identification Related Services
29 Nov 2018 CoP-5/2018 Code of Practice on Verification of the Addresses of Potential Customers for Mobile Telecommunications Services
28 Sep 2017 CoP-1/2017 Code of Practice on the Cessation Arrangements for Mobile Virtual Network Operator Services
5 Dec 2016 CoP-2/2015 This document has been superseded by CoP-1/2021
6 Dec 2013 CoP-06/2013 Code of Practice related to Implementation of Mobile Number Portability
29 Nov 2013 CoP-4/2013 Code of Practice on Sending Commercial Electronic Messages under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (revised on 30 August 2013)
4 Jun 2013 CoP-2/2013 Code of Practice on the Provision of Telecommunications Services for the Elderly and People with a Disability
28 May 2013 CoP-1/2013 Code of Practice for the Provision of Backup Power Supply for Local Fixed Telephony Service
1 Apr 2012 CoP-2/2012 Code of Practice for the Installation and Maintenance of In-Building Telecommunications Systems and In-building Access by Telecommunications Network Operators
1 Apr 2012 CoP-1/2012 Code of Practice for the Provision of Access Facilities in Buildings for the Supply of Telecommunications and Broadcasting Services
11 Oct 2011 CoP-02/2011 Code of Practice in Relation to Billing Information and Payment Collection for Telecommunications Services*
2 Feb 2010 CoP-01/2010 Code of Practice for Communications Service Contracts*

* Pursuant to the Communications Authority Ordinance (Cap 616), with effect from 1 April 2012, all duties and powers of the Telecommunications Authority (TA) are conferred on the Communications Authority (CA), and all duties and powers of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) are conferred on the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), the executive arm of the CA. Unless the context otherwise requires, all references to TA and OFTA in this document shall be construed as CA and OFCA respectively.