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30 Aug 2013 ST-03/2013 Revisions of the Code of Practice on Sending Commercial Electronic Messages under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance
17 Apr 2013 ST-02/2013 Universal Service Contribution - Confirmed Level for the Year 2010, and Provisional Level from 1 January 2011
16 Apr 2013 ST-01/2013 Review of Regulatory Guidance on the Charging Principles of Interconnection between Fixed Carriers
27 Nov 2012 ST-09/2012 Joint Statement of the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and the Communications Authority on Licence Fees Reduction for Unified Carrier Licences, Public Radiocommunications Service Licences and Services-Based Operator Licences Issued under the Telecommunications Ordinance
6 Nov 2012 ST-08/2012 Frequency Swap between China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited and SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited in the 1800 MHz Band
4 Jul 2012 ST-07/2012 Assignment of the Available Radio Spectrum in the 2.5/2.6 GHz Band for Wireless Broadband Services