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Annex 2: Types and Numbers of Telecommunications Licences (as at 31 March 2021)

Type of LicencesNumber of Licences
Academic Institution Self-provided Telecommunications Installation2
Aeronautical VHF Fixed Station33
Aircraft Station318
Amateur Station2 599
Broadcast Radio Relay Station & Broadcast Relay Station12
Experimental Station71
Hotel Television (Transmission)168
Industrial, Scientific & Medical Electronic Machine1 893
Localised Wireless Broadband Service1
Maritime Radio (Local Vessel)2 447
Mobile Radio System Fixed Station16
Mobile Radio System Mobile Station1 594
Private Mobile Radio System1 961
Private Radio Paging System4
Public Radiocommunications Service7
Radio Dealers (Unrestricted)3 976
Radiocommunications School7
Radiodetermination and Conveyance of Commands, Status and Data160
Satellite Master Antenna Television67
Self-Provided External Telecommunications System5
Services-Based Operator of Class 1 Service and Class 2 Service Note A20
Services-Based Operator of Class 3 Service502
Ship Station2 376
Space Station Carrier9
Taxi Radiocommunications Service16
Unified Carrier - Mobile Services Note B13
Unified Carrier - Local/External Fixed Services Note B and Note C54
Wide Band Link & Relay Station52
Wireless Internet of Things3
Total18 386

Note A: This figure includes 17 licences which are also authorised for the provision of SBO Class 3 services.
Note B: This figure includes seven licences which are authorised to provide both fixed and mobile services.
Note C: This figure includes the three licences authorising the transmission of domestic television programme services.