Communications Authority Press Release (November)

This press release summarises the decisions of the Communications Authority (CA) following its 90th meeting held in November 2019:

Amendments to the Radio Code of Practice on Technical Standards

In view of the discontinuation of digital audio broadcasting (DAB) services in September 2017 and the dismantling of all the related transmission facilities by March 2019, the CA decided to remove references relating to the provision of DAB services from and make other editorial changes to the Radio Code of Practice on Technical Standards (the Code).  The amended Code is available on the CA's website.

Renewal and Termination of "Other Licensable Television Programme Service" Licences

The CA approved the applications by Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited and Golden News Enterprises Limited for renewal of their respective "other licensable television programme service" (other licensable TV) licences for the provision of television programme services to hotel rooms in Hong Kong for a period of 12 years.  The CA also approved the application by Luxury Hotels International of Hong Kong Limited to terminate its other licensable TV licence with effect from 20 December 2019.

Following the renewal or termination of the above licences, there will be 21 other licensable TV licensees providing television programme services to more than 70 hotels in Hong Kong.

Communications Authority

25 November 2019