List of licensees

Documents to be observed by Unified Carrier Licensees


  1. In Hong Kong, carrier licences are issued for the provision of facility-based public telecommunications services and carrier licensees may be permitted to establish telecommunications circuits and networks across public street and unleased government land for provision of public telecommunications services. Carrier licensees may provide different types of telecommunications services according to their scope of services. Since August 2008, the unified carrier licence regime has been introduced as a single licensing vehicle for both fixed and mobile telecommunications services. Two previous types of carrier licences, namely fixed carrier licence ("FCL") and mobile carrier licence ("MCL") are no longer issued by the Communications Authority ("CA"). The existing FCLs and MCLs are effective until their expiry dates.
  2. Unified carrier licence ("UCL") is issued for provision of facility-based telecommunications services. Depending on the scope of services specified in the individual licensees, licensee may establish telecommunications networks, circuits, and equipment to provide fixed external services, fixed internal services, and / or mobile services. UCL has been implemented since August 2008 to replace the FCL and MCL.
  3. Fixed carrier licence ("FCL") was previously issued for the provision of fixed internal services and fixed external services. No new FCL will be further issued but existing licences are still valid until their expiry dates. The FCLs of some fixed network operators (FNOs) have been replaced by UCLs. Please choose both Unified Carrier Licence ("UCL") and Fixed Carrier Licence / Fixed Carrier (Restricted) Licence / Fixed Telecommunications Network Services ("FTNS") Licence under "Licence type" if you are looking for FNOs.
  4. "Mobile services" refer to the provision of public mobile radiocommunications services using radio frequencies assigned by the CA to enable two-way communications between moving locations or between a moving location and a fixed location in Hong Kong. At present, most mobile network operators (MNOs) are licensed under UCLs. Besides carrier licensees, Mobile Virtual Network Operators ("MVNOs") licensed under SBO Class 3 (MVNO) licences are also permitted to provide non-facility-based mobile services. Please click here for the MVNO licensees.