Sound Broadcasting in Hong Kong

Analogue Sound Broadcasting

Hong Kong has 13 analogue radio channels – three operated by Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited (CRHK), three by Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited (Metro) and seven by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).


CRHK, a sound broadcasting licensee, currently operates two FM Cantonese channels (CR1 and CR2) and one AM English channel (AM864), all on a 24-hour basis.

CR1 is largely an information channel targeting mature audience, providing news, current affairs, financial and personal view programmes. CR2 is mainly an entertainment channel featuring pop culture and music targeting young listeners. AM864 is primarily a music channel.


Metro, a sound broadcasting licensee, currently operates two FM Cantonese channels (Metro Finance and Metro Info) and one AM English channel (Metro Plus), all on a 24-hour basis.

Metro Finance provides real-time, market-moving news and information about financial markets around the world. Metro Info provides music and entertainment programmes as well as programmes on lifestyle, health, market news and other information of interest to the public. Metro Plus is a music channel and it also provides programmes for ethnic groups like the Filipino, Indian and Thai communities in Hong Kong.


RTHK is funded by government. It provides radio broadcasting service to Hong Kong since 1928 and now operates seven channels with 24-hour service on AM and FM frequencies.

RTHK's Radio 1, 2 and 5 are Cantonese channels, while its Radio 3 is in English. RTHK's Radio 4 provides bilingual presentations of fine music, and the Putonghua Channel offers music programmes, talk shows and hourly news reports. RTHK's Radio 6 relays the China National Radio Hong Kong Edition 24 hours a day.