Depending on the severity and nature of the breach, the CA may impose one of the following sanctions -

  1. Advice or Strong Advice
    The licensee is advised or strongly advised to observe more carefully the relevant provisions.
  2. Warning or Serious Warning
    The CA takes a serious view of the contravention and the licensee is warned or seriously warned against further contraventions.
  3. Issue Correction and/or Apology
    In the case of a serious breach, the CA may require the licensee to include a correction or apology; or both, in its service.
  4. Financial Penalty
    For a breach which the CA considers to be of a very serious nature, a financial penalty may be imposed on the licensee.
  5. Suspension or Revocation of Licence
    In very serious cases, the CA may suspend a licence (up to 30 days) or conduct an inquiry and revoke or make a recommendation to the Chief Executive in Council to revoke a licence (depending on the category of licence).


A licensee who is aggrieved by the decision of the CA may appeal by way of petition to the Chief Executive in Council.