Information required from you

Disclosure of your identity and personal data

When you lodge a complaint with CA, please tell us whether you permit us to identify you as the complainant to the subject of your complaint. We prefer to have the complainant identified in order to facilitate a fair and proper investigation. If you indicate that you do not want to be identified, we will consider the nature of your complaint and advise you whether it is possible to follow up or investigate your complaint without disclosing your identity.

All personal data and documents (including your letter, e-mail or completed complaint form) supplied by you will only be used for purposes which are directly related to the complaint concerned. The same may be transferred to parties who will be involved in action on or the investigation of the complaint, including the party being complained against, relevant government departments, related authorities, organisations as well as other agencies which are authorised to receive information relating to law enforcement, prosecution and review of decisions. The complainant and the registered customer of the service involved in the complaint (if different from the complainant) should state it clearly whether they permit us to disclose the personal data and information given and the documents supplied to any party relevant to the complaint. If the complainant or the registered customer does not permit us to disclose the information related to the complaint and if such non-disclosure would cause difficulty in our follow-up action or investigation, we shall advise you whether we can proceed with the handling of the complaint.

You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by us. To exercise this right, please contact us.