Annex 1: Summary of non-domestic television programme services

Licensee Date of Launch of Service No. of Channels
(no. receivable in HK)
Nature of Channels Target Markets Satellite
1.Starvision Hong Kong Limited4.199146
General entertainment, movie, music, sports & news etc. Asian region including the Mainland, India & Middle EastAsiaSat 3S
AsiaSat 5
Measat 3
2.TVB Network Vision Limited8.199823
Drama, general entertainment, movie & news etc. Asian region, Australia & EuropeAsiaSat 3S
Intelsat 8
3.APT Satellite TV Development Limited8.200047
General entertainment, news, movies & sports Indo-China, Taiwan & MacauApstar V
Apstar VI
4.Starbucks (HK) Limited6.20001
Weather, sports, music and finance etc. Asia-Pacific regionAsiaSat 3S
5.China Entertainment Television Broadcast Limited3.19951
General entertainmentMainland, Southeast Asia &
Asia-Pacific region
AsiaSat 3S
6.Turner International Asia Pacific Limited198913
News, finance, movie, children & family programmes Asia-Pacific region & South AsiaAsiaSat 3S
Intelsat 8
Intelsat 10
Measat 3
7.Sun Television Cybernetworks Enterprise Limited8.20001
History & culture-related documentaries Asia-Pacific regionAsiaSat 3S
8.GlobeCast Hong Kong Limited
(formerly Pacific Century Matrix (HK) Limited)
General entertainment, sports, finance & newsAsia-Pacific regionAsiaSat 3S
MeaSat 3
9.Asia Television Limited1.20051
General entertainment & infotainment MainlandApstar V
10.Auspicious Colour Limited1.20067
General entertainment, infotainment & music Asia-Pacific regionIntelsat 8
AsiaSat 5
AsiaSat 3S
11.Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited5.20064
General entertainment, news and movie Asia-Pacific regionAsiaSat 3S
12.Times International Media Group Limited To be confirmedN.A.N.A.Asia-Pacific regionN.A.
13.Asia Times Online Limited1.1.20087
News, finance and infotainment Southeast AsiaNSS 6
14.China Satellite TV Group Company Limited 11.20091
InfotainmentAsia-Pacific regionAsiaSat 3S
15.Power Star Limited1.6.201074
News, movie, infotainment &
children’s programmes
Taiwan, Macau and South ChinaAsiaSat 4
16.Hong Kong TV International Media Group Limited 3.20112
InfotainmentAsia-Pacific regionApstar VI
17.Health TV Company Limited2.20131
Health information programmes,
documentaries and general entertainment
Asia-Pacific regionApstar V
18.One TV Media Global Limited4.2013N.ANews, finance, entertainment and sportsAsia-Pacific regionApstar V